Gwendy’s Magic Feather

(By Richard Chizmar) “But what if something she believes to be true… simply isn’t?” Gwendy's Magic Feather You may have noticed that I changed up my naming convention for this post. I did that to differentiate Gwendy's Magic Feather because — as you probably know, if you care enough about King books and/or this series … Continue reading Gwendy’s Magic Feather


Payback Is A Bitch And The Bitch Is Back

(End of Watch) In End of Watch, we return to the villain from the first part of the trilogy, Brady Hartsfield. Kind of, anyway. It’s definitely him, but in this installment of the series, he’s not just a murderous dick; he’s… psychic? Able to astral project? He has some kind of mental magic powers, anyway, … Continue reading Payback Is A Bitch And The Bitch Is Back